Executive Summary

A fully Decentralized crypto to fiat bridge with a modern twist

Crypto services built for the people, by the people

The F1rst Republic Crypto bank will be the first of its kind to provide traditional banking services with a modern twist, offering a full suite of cryptocurrency services. We plan to offer a variety of services, such as providing custodial services, debit cards, and personalized advice to customers on their investments in digital assets.

We will also focus on educating customers about the importance and promise of the digital asset markets. We understand the challenges posed by this new and ever-evolving field and are committed to creating a safe, secure, and reliable cryptocurrency platform that provides convenience, flexibility, and quality customer service. With our focus on customer service, education, and security, we will become a leader in cryptocurrency services.

How does it work?

Crypto in the hands in Just a few Easy Steps

It's easier than you think.Follow 4 simple easy steps

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Safe and Secure

High level protection against unauthorized use of your assets from bad actors. Provides high security standards at all times with the power of blockchain technologies.


Access your crypto assets on the fly wherever you are in the world without any bullshit, locks or restrictions.

You have questions

We Have Answers

If You haven’t found an answer to your question, contact us

You will be able to apply directly from our Dapp after we go live

Anywhere that accepts all major credit/debit cards

You will be able to deposit stable coins (USDT/USDC) into your account from our Dapp, then fund your card with your balance

There are absolutely no limits!

Depending on how busy the blockchain is at the time, but usually within 3-5 minutes